Youth organisations, Young Architects Association of Zimbabwe and Smart04 have launched the Robert Mugabe Road face lift project, an initiative that is aimed at refurbishing the street that is named after the iconic leader President Robert Mugabe.

Illegal forex dealers, disorderly vending, damaged pavements and un-maintained buildings that require repainting and overall refurbishment has been the order of the day along Robert Mugabe Road, one of the country’s heritage streets.

It is against this backdrop that the two youth organisations have come up with the initiative that will assist the City of Harare restore its Sunshine City status.

Patron of the project Robert Zhuwawo said stakeholders should work together to bring order in the Harare CBD.

Some of the initiative’s objectives include the relocation of street vendors operating along the road, resurfacing of the tarmac between Rekayi Tangwena and Enterprise roads as well as the installation of modern solar lights along the street.