Umzingwane Rural District Council has embarked on a major road rehabilitation programme in Esigodini after receiving part of the $500 000 allocated to the local authority by ZINARA.

Umzingwane RDC Chairperson, Mr Dojiwe Sigola revealed that the local authority has so far received $254 000 of the $500 000 they were allocated by ZINARA.

The funds will be used to reseal about 13 kilometres of roads in Esigodini, which are in a state of disrepair.

The identified roads include the 10km stretch to Falcon High School as well as the Habane centre road, according to Mr Sigola.

While it is good news for urban dwellers, it is a different case for residents in rural parts of Umzingwane who say they are failing to ferry their agricultural produce in time due to a poor road network.

With most roads damaged by the heavy rains received last season yet to be repaired, the situation poises a potential challenge in the delivery of food aid to vulnerable communities and agricultural inputs for the forthcoming season.