potholes.jpgZimbabwe National Road Administration, (ZINARA), says the country’s highways are in a poor state and require urgent attention with strategies in place to raise the much needed funding for the rehabilitation of trunk roads.

Zimbabwe’s major highways have been under the spotlight for a long time with the government introducing tolling points to raise funds for the rehabilitation of the trunk roads though progress is yet to be realised.

ZINARA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Frank Chitukutuku, said his organisation is greatly concerned with the poor state of the country’s highways.

Last year, ZINARA collected $3 million from tolling points which has been disbursed to the roads department though progress is yet to be realised as roads have become an eyesore owing to potholes.

Questions have been raised over the disbursement of funds from tolling points and how they are used.

Since the launch of the tolling points in the country, motorists anticipated an improvement on the country’s highways but progress has been slow with the proposed dualisation of Harare-Masvingo highway still at its infancy while progress on the Harare-Bulawayo road is not convincing.