police roadblock 30-12-10.jpgThe public has challenged the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to effectively monitor and ensure that commuter omnibuses are not overloaded in order to minimise unnecessary loss of human life in the case of accidents.

Following the increase in road accidents that have claimed many lives, members of the public say police should firm on the country’s roads, monitoring commuter omnibuses’ compliance with the country’s road laws.

The people, who spoke against corruption by some members of the police said the ZRP’s road blocks must not allow any overloaded commuter omnibuses buses to pass through.

The law stipulates that commuter omnibuses buses, referred to as kombis, must carry only fifteen passengers but operators are defying the law by carrying up to 18 passengers or more.

According to the police, 12 people have lost their lives in accidents countrywide since the 4th of this month.

The loss of life comes after the carnage involving commuter omnibuses that claimed 19 lives on the Harare Centenary road on the 30th of last month and 18 others in Nyazura on the 2nd of this month.

This has led to calls by the public for relevant authorities to put in place stern measures that will effectively protect the lives of people travelling on the country’s roads.