Post harvest losses account for 60 percent and do not only happen in the fields but even during the transportation to the market.

The statement was proven true when a truck driver lost tonnes of shelled maize grain along Bulawayo road to provide a moment of the Biblical ‘Manna from Heaven’ for nearby residents.

One man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity, they say.

A truck load of maize grain on Sunday (yesterday) swerved and the side doors of the trailer gave in to the load spilling maize on the tarred road.

The misfortune was interpreted as a gift from above as other road users pounced on, temporarily closing the highway to gather the grain free of any financial demands.

The containers came in all forms from wheelbarrows, sacks, buckets and car bonnets.

A sad reality, for the farmer and the trucker are certainly still grieving over their loss but in the matrix of the human race, the loss was a survival moment for many.