The Environment Management Agency (EMA) says it highly concerned by river bank cultivation which is depleting water sources that are critical for human use and the ecosystem.

EMA said the rate at which urban farmers are cultivating along rivers banks in Harare is alarming threatening the existence of rivers through siltation.

In an interview with the ZBC News in Harare, EMA public relations official Mr Rambwayi Mapako said the long arm of the law is going to take its course on those found cultivating on river banks.

“Some fertilisers are dangerous and harmful when they dissolve in the water which we need for different purposes thus affecting aquatic plants and creatures,” he said.

The existence of tributary rivers is also under threat by the increasing growth of unwanted vegetation dominating the majority of the urban rivers hence limits the volume of water dispersed at Lake Chivero where most of Harare’s water supply comes from.

This has also been furthered by increasing damage of wetlands by illegal land barons.

Mr Mapako also emphasized on the need to adhere to the 30 metre radius away from river banks saying the continued violation of the preventive measure threatens the existence of rivers.