Rising artistes in small towns have called for the revival of platforms such as musical galas to identify and promote talent among the youths.

The country’s music industry has got a lot of talent which needs to be supported, however, a number are failing to make it and their music has remained in their gadgets circulating among their peers without reaping the benefits especially for those in small towns.

One talented but struggling young dancehall artiste, Liberty Dzingai (28) said there is need to create and revive platforms such as musical galas in small towns so that talent can be identified.

“We as artistes from small towns feel that we have got the potential to come up with quality music that can match those we hear on bigger platforms. However, our challenge is that of accessing those platforms. We feel that if they bring back the issue of musical galas like before then we can perform and who knows some of us can break the ceiling through that,” he said.

Dzingai, popularly known as Liblee, has produced 22 songs under his name which have not been given time on air.

His music just like those of other dancehall artistes is inspired by day to day hustles of young people in the ghetto.

For every artiste to promote their music it is important to get their work out of the studio and the onus is upon relevant authorities including established artistes and promoters to fulfill dreams of struggling upcoming artistes so that they can realise their dreams.