passport fees slashed 08-09-10.jpgThe Registrar General’s Office has suspended the processing of all computerised documents such as passports, national IDs, Birth Certificates and Temporary Travelling Documents, following the destruction of the database at KG6 due to an electrical fault.

Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede said following an electrical fault that started a fire on the 31st of December at the identification production complex at KGVI, his office is no longer able to process computerised documents until further notice.


The processes affected include acceptance of new passport application forms, processing of temporary travelling documents (TTDs) and processing of computerised identity cards and birth certificates.

“There was some localised damage which will not be interpreted to mean the gutting down of the building. The building is still intact I am sure. Our major computers were not affected, that is, the production computers. We are currently unable to produce and process the documents,” said Cde Mudede.

Registrar General Mudede said the fire was controlled to avoid the gutting of the production complex.

Responding to a question that the government has turned down an offer for a passport making machine from the South African government, Cde Mudede refused to shed light on the issue saying he will comment when the time is right.

“I don’t think I will be in a position to respond to that one. If it is to be responded to, it will be responded at the right time,” added Cde Mudede.

This suspension has also affected the processing of documents for Zimbabweans in South Africa.

Up until the problem has been rectified there is no alternative measure for those who want to travel urgently.

The Registrar General’s Office said the public will be informed immediately when the problem has been rectified.