street vendors.jpgThe Harare City Council has been urged to restore sanity in the Capital’s CBD which is congested especially by vendors who have taken over almost all sidewalks to display their wares, making movement difficult for pedestrians.

Moving within Harare’s Central Business District is now an ordeal as vendors have invaded every pavement to display their wares.

Every step one takes on the capital’s sidewalks, there is a genuine fear of picking a quarrel with vendors after stepping upon vegetables and other merchandise on sale.

People are not impressed. They say council must address the problem.

Vendors, who spoke to ZBC News, said street pavements are ideal for their business due to large numbers of people who pass by.

But how do the vendors survive since, Municipal Police details are always patrolling the City Centre? Any bribe ranging between US$3 to US$10 would do the trick, says the vendors.

Illegal vending practice in the CBD has gone for long time and if not addressed the City of Harare will be far from reclaiming it’s “sunshine city” status as lots of litter is left on city streets at the end of each day.