Stakeholders in the prevention of corruption say the implementation of restitution and forfeiture of stolen goods is the best way of preventing corruption.

This comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa identified corruption as one of the vices that has to be dealt with decisively.

Restitution and forfeiture of ill gotten money is viewed as the best way in preventing corruption.

In Zimbabwe’s judicial system focus has been on prosecution and conviction with convicted criminals however enjoying the proceeds of crime after serving their sentences.

The renewed efforts in reviving the economy has seen focus shifting from handling criminals with kids gloves to advance economic development.

Deputy Prosecutor General Mrs Florence Ziyambi said they are going further than mere prosecution and will ensure all proceeds of crime are recovered.

Dr Proctor Nyemba and Professor Simon Mukwembi believe the political will must be embraced by every Zimbabwean to weed out all the corrupt elements within society.

Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission chairperson Commissioner Job Wabira said every citizen has the power to arrest and hand over suspects to the police adding the commission is not an exception.

Implementation of the money laundering and suppression of terrorism act and the prevention of corruption act among other provisions make it possible to recover proceeds of crime even under circumstances where perpetrators abscond.

Recovery comes after a conviction and in cases where suspects run away the freezing of accounts comes as another option.

Since the establishment of the Anti Corruption Commission there have not been meaningful prosecutions as the commission appeared to have been focusing on small fish while the big fish continued to plunder public funds for personal gain.