constantine chiwenga 07-08-11.jpgSociety has been urged to desist from looking down upon war veterans as this constitutes an insult to people who put their lives on the line not only to free this country but to ensure the country enjoys continual peace and stability.

The much publicised security sector reforms, in which western backed formations have called for the removal of war veterans from the security forces has been slammed as an insult to people who put aside their personal aspirations to free Zimbabwe.

The comments were made by the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), General Constantine Chiwenga on the sidelines of a pre-dawn battle at the All Arms Battle School where the exercise was carried as part of the graduation of 15 commanders of the ZNA.

General Chiwenga said society should let the leaders of the army run their part of the relay.

General Chiwenga added that society should appreciate the security sector contributions to everyone sleeping in peace every day.

Acting Commander of the Mozambique Defence Forces, General Graca Thomas Chongo, who witnessed the exercise reiterated that leadership of the security forces must be gradual blending youths and experience.

The MDC has been calling for the so called Security Sector Reforms in which they sought the retirement of all war veterans in the leadership of the security forces.

Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has since declared that his Generals should be left alone.