chitungwiza town council.jpgResidents of Chitungwiza’s Zengeza 3 are up in arms with the MDC-T led council which is said to have repossessed a stand allocated in 2002 to the community for building a police post.

The council is now subdividing the land into residential stands.

Chitungwiza Municipality which has a record of corruption and under hand dealings is at it again this time with the MDC-T councillors involved in a scam in which they are repossessing a stand that was allocated for a police post.

According to the representative of the residents in Zengeza 3, Mr Jawet Chipere, the council has rescinded a resolution passed by its predecessor and has since communicated to the community that the stand is council property and will be subdivided into housing stands.

Mr Chipere said they have a lease agreement but the council is now pegging stands at the designated police post stand which was planned to reduce the incidences of robbery and muggings in the area.

“We have a lease agreement and the council has now taken over our stand. We had appealed for this area to have a police post because of the increase in robberies and muggings in the area,” said Mr. Chipere.

Other residents in the satellite town also expressed concern over the allocation of infill space and stands at ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands.

“There is haphazard allocation of stands in this town. All the wetlands and other open spaces have been invaded,” one resident said.

Chitungwiza Municipality planner, Engineer Alfonce Tinofa said the stand was repossesed after a council resolution passed in December 2010 because of non development.

According to a report released by the committee set up by government last year to institute investigations into the alleged corruption in Chitungwiza,  the town lacks a systematic administration and the operations are fraught with irregularities due to the interference by the Councillors who lack the expertise of running a local authority.