dump sites.jpgAlthough the city of Harare re-introduced refuse removal programme in the capital, the waste management department has failed to remove huge illegal dumpsites that have sprouted in the streets and shopping centres.


The city’s high density suburbs’ residents, have called on the city fathers to expedite the removal of illegal dumpsites in the capital, as they pose a health hazard during the forthcoming rainy season.

The residents have expressed fears with the forthcoming rainy season, saying the illegal dumpsites are sources of diseases such as cholera which claimed many lives in 2008.

Others said, the council should stick to the advertised refuse collection timetables, because sometimes residents end up dumping wastes at illegal dumpsites when the trucks are not available to collect the accumulated refuse.

However, experts believe residents in the capital should adopt the three Rs of waste management that is Reduce, Re-cycle and Reuse. This is expected to minimize the amount of rubbish that has to be collected.


The experts say bio-degradable waste should be used in gardens as manure whilst other products like plastics can be recycled.


The Environmental Management Agency has since taken the City of Harare to courts for discharging raw sewage into water bodies which are suspected to have been the sources of the cholera pandemic which affected many people in the capital.


The City of Harare could not comment on the matter as the Director of Waste Management Mr. Dombo Chibanda said they were given a directive not to speak to the media on any matters concerning service delivery issues.