president mugabe 17-10-10 ed.jpgZANU PF  President and First Secretary Cde Robert Mugabe has called on participants in the COPAC teams to ensure that the various opinions and views expressed by the people  in the outreach programme are accurately captured and incorporated in the drafting of the proposed new constitution. 


Addressing senior members of the ZANU PF Women’s League who were drawn from all provinces of the country, Cde Mugabe said the drafting should be expedited to ensure that the country goes to the polls not later than June next year.


The ZANU PF’s Women’s League were fired-up and were in a jovial mood as they met to chart the way forward as their party prepares for the end of year Annual National People’s Conference scheduled for December 2 in the eastern town of Mutare. 

President Mugabe thanked the women for taking part in the outreach programme teams and for the sacrifices they paid in executing that mandate at a time when their party did not have adequate money and urged them not ensure that the people’s wishes are not misrepresented at the drafting stage.

Cde Mugabe also explained to the Women’s League that there are disagreements sometimes in the inclusive government with some partners often reverting to issues that would have been discussed and resolved.

He cited an example of the issue of the six Zimbabwean ambassadors who have been re-assigned, where President Mugabe asserted that it is the prerogative of the Head of State and Government to make such appointments.

He also highlighted that even so there were no new appointments but the envoys were just re-assigned after recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which under the laws of the country has that mandate.

On another note, the President implored the women to remain united as the party prepares for the Annual People’s Conference in December, urging them to refuse to be divided by some power- hungry elements seeking positions in the echelons of the party.

He also urged them to continue fighting for total emancipation by prioritising education, morality and cultural values, and economic empowerment.