president addressing heroes.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has called an all Zimbabweans to unite in building the country and reviving the economy.




He was addressing thousands of Zimbabweans from across the political divide who gathered at the National Heroes Acre to commemorate Heroes Day.


Cde Mugabe encouraged people to unite and speak with one voice against the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union.


He urged every Zimbabwean to hold fast to the principles that guided the liberation struggle in order to promote unity of purpose and safeguard the gains of the revolution.

“Let us therefore always remain vigilant as a nation. Disharmony – be it in political parties, religious groups and churches, local authorities, the corporate sector, workers’ organizations or even at the village or any other institutions, disharmony does not auger well for our wellbeing as a nation.


“In this context, I therefore like to urge every Zimbabwean to hold fast to the values and principles that guided the liberation struggle, so that our energies are not wasted in fighting each other, but in promoting unity of purpose and safeguarding the gains of our revolution,” said the President.


He castigated the country’s detractors for continuing their machinations of dividing the people of Zimbabwe.


He said: “Even as we seek to consolidate our collective achievements and celebrate our tenacity in demonstrating a high sense shared responsibility as a people in confronting our country’s challenges, we are reminded that our detractors continue to sow seeds of discontent and disharmony.”


President Mugabe said government continues to work tirelessly and resolutely for the recovery of the country’s economy.

He added: “The government remains focussed on ensuring that development remains targeted at achieving long-term economic growth.


“Government continues to focus on the productive sectors of agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism, with a view to intensify value-addition as we go for rapid industrialisation which bolsters economic growth,” said the President.


He noted that the mining sector is experiencing a renewed surge of investor interest in gold, diamond, platinum, coal and nickel.


He also said: “The critical infrastructural sectors – water, electricity, rail, roads and telecommunications of health and education continue to receive due attention from government despite resource challenges.”


President Mugabe mentioned that Zimbabwe has overtaken Tunisia to become first on the continent in literacy ratings, despite the education sector suffering under sanctions.


“All our human resource skills and intellectual prowess should be harnessed towards the recovery of our economy. We should aim to create employment opportunities for our people particularly the women and the youths,” he said.


He thanked South Africa’s former president, Cde Thabo Mbeki and current president Jacob Zuma for their mediatory role in the implementation of the Global Political Agreement.


“Lest we forget, Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle would not have been successful had it not been for the material, moral and diplomatic support we received from the then Front-line States,” said Cde Mugabe.


He made special mention of Comrades Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Dr Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Botswana’s Seretse Khama.


President Mugabe also thanked Zimbabwe’s all-weather friends, among them China, India, Cuba and Russia, for standing with the people of Zimbabwe.


He said although Zimbabwe has recently sought to re-engage the European Union for the removal of the devastating sanctions it imposed on the country, the bloc has been changing goalposts.


He urged the bloc, America and Britain to ‘think again’ about the embargo and be honest in their dealings with Zimbabwe.


“We appeal to them to please think again. Think again Europe, think again America. You are wrong!” urged the President.