iranian ambassador 14.09.10.jpgThe Iranian embassy and Southern Sudan liaison office says as Zimbabwe celebrates its 31st independence anniversary on Monday, the nation must remain resolute in guarding its sovereignty despite challenges such as the west’s illegal sanctions which have caused untold suffering to Zimbabweans.

Iranian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Mohamed Pournajaf, who spoke during the launch of the tobacco curing ban in the capital says the nation must maintain its tone in safeguarding the country’s sovereignty and should not worry of some arrogant western countries who continue to cause suffering to the country.

Meanwhile, Southern Soudan Liaison Officer to Zimbabwe, Mr. Samuel Luate whose nation is preparing for its first independence celebrations on the 9th of July said the mutual experiences the two nations share on independence must cement Zimbabwe and Southern Sudan’s friendship.

Despite the west extending illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe barely a month before independence celebrations, the nation has been challenged to remain resolute and work together for development.