After several years experiencing water shortages which forced some wards to be shut down, Neshuro District Hospital in Mwenezi now has constant water supply following the drilling of a borehole at the institution by a local bank.

While constant water supply is a basic requirement in the provision of health services, Neshuro hospital has, however, been experiencing critical water shortages, with expectant mothers being among the worst affected by the situation as they were forced to travel long distances in search of water.

The People`s Own Savings Bank (POSB) brought relief to the institution after drilling a borehole which has been connected to the hospital’s water supply.

Masvingo Provincial Epidemiology and Diseases Control Officer Dr Tapera Saravoyi revealed that in February this year some wards had to be closed as the water situation was critical.

“In addition to the closure of the wards, issues to do with hygiene were compromised. Bed linen has to be changed on a daily basis and people were now relying on harvesting rain water,” he said.

POSB Public Relations Manager Mr Simukai Mutamangira said given the current economic situation, the government needs the corporate sector to step in by providing health care services.

“The government is ceased with many challenges and one of the most affected areas is healthcare provision. We have had cases of drug challenges, we have had cases where people were turned away due to water challenges. The government cannot do everything, so we have to assist,” he said.

Expectant mothers said it is a great relief for them to now have constant water supply.

U$13 000 was used for the project.