Travellers have bemoaned the continued harassment from touts, especially when boarding long distance buses at various pick-up points in Harare, with relevant authorities being implored to intervene.

A few years ago one person died at fourth street bus terminus after being harassed by touts and it seems the situation is continuing unabated at various pick-up points in Harare where concerns over the unbecoming behaviour of these touts have been raised by the public.

A snap survey conducted by the ZBC News at Showgrounds and Fourth Street bus terminus indicated that the public is vulnerable to touts.

“We fear for our lives here and because of touts we end up losing our valuables,” said one commuter.

Some of the touts clearly stated that touting happens when they compete for customers to board their buses. “What we do here is to look for customers whom we approach from afar and lure them to get into the buses,” they said.

Usually these touts hire other people especially ladies who pretend to be travelling and sit in the buses for a fee to lure customers.

However, calls have been made for relevant authorities who include the City Council and law enforcement agents, to intervene.