john l nkomo.jpgActing President John Landa Nkomo says Africa must never accept to be treated as a 3rd class continent with 3rd rate global citizens.

He said this during a lecture at the official opening of the Research and Intellectual Expo which is currently underway in the capital.

Cde Nkomo, who gave a distinguished lecture at the expo, said the influence of the West on Africa across generations is intensive and destructive on African cultures and its indigenous leadership systems.


The expo is a brain child of the Higher and Tertiary Education Ministry and is aimed at celebrating the intellectual achievements that have been made so far.

During the lecture, Cde Nkomo revisited events in the pre and post independence era, the gains and failures of African leadership and prospects of quicker development on the continent.

Speaking at the same occasion, Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Dr Stan Mudenge said the expo marks the beginning of a new era in the country and is a true reflection of the spirit of enterprise.

He pointed out that institutions in the country should move with the times and embrace technology and ICT should be made compulsory.

The Research and Intellectual Expo official opening was attended by intellectuals across all disciplines, students from various universities, polytechnics and other institutions in the country.

The festival is set to become the nursery bed of theory and seminal work which will guide Zimbabwean scholarships and discourse in the future.