The Redcliff Municipality has struck a $15 million deal with a Hungarian investor that will see the resuscitation of water treatment plant at Cactus (kakietus) Poort dam, which is three kilometres away from the town.

Its perennial water challenges are well documented and the woes began following the demise of the iron and steel company, Zisco.

In a move set to revive the fortunes of the Midlands satelite town, Redcliff Municipality has sought a permanent solution.

Redcliff Mayor Mr Freddy Kapuya said they have managed to negotiate with Hungarians a deal that will see them draw piped water at very low rates from the nearby Cactus Poorte dam.

“The water body is not sufficient to supply the town and its industries all year round but with a bit of rationing the city can enjoy supplies for 365 days,” added the Mayor.

The latest news has come as a huge relief to the residents who chronicled the nightmares they are currently facing due to water shortages.

Redcliff draws its water from Kwekwe but the past few years has seen its water challenges escalating as Kwekwe Municipality disconnected it due to its ballooning debt now hovering above $2 million.