makhosini hlongwane.jpgSports and Recreation Minister Makhosini Hlongwane says leisure and recreation activities remain subdued although the sector has the ability to turn around the economy of the country.

He was speaking in Chinhoyi on the occasion of the launch of the inaugural leisure and recreation symposium.

Minister Hlongwane says ways of harnessing expenditure on leisure should be sought by coming up with satisfactory recreation programming.

He noted that in the past, there has been a tendency to exclude the majority from having access to recreation facilities, a challenge that is to be addressed by the new sport and recreation policy.

Minister Hlongwane also spelt out the critical role recreation plays in reducing the burden of non communicable diseases, such as hypertension.

Meanwhile, the sports minister revealed that there are plans to get all members of parliament involved in some sporting activities as a way of ensuring they stay fit and well.