State owned Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) in conjunction with a developmental partner, have raised 74 000 euros to capacitate women venturing into long term projects.

 Research shows that uptake of infrastructure projects in Zimbabwe is in favour of men compared to women.

IDBZ Climate Manager for Finance and Sustainability, Veronica Jakarasi says the capacitation facility will address challenges affecting women from entering mainstream infrastructure projects.

“We are focusing on the need to ensure that the women are also given a fair share of what they want,” said Jakarasi.

HIVOS Regional Project Manager for Women Empowerment, Mrs Tambudzai Madzimure, says embracing women in infrastructure projects is critical in broadening skills.

“The project basically seeks to ensure that in the long term we have that platform for  showcasing skills from the women,” said Madzimure

The capacitation project also seeks to promote financial inclusion, provide technical expertise, create skills training systems and facilitate the awarding of contracts, among others.