The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) is bullish an economic growth rate of above 4 percent is attainable in 2018 on the back of positive sentiment in the economy and the international goodwill following the ushering in of the new political dispensation.

A combination of a strong agricultural sector performance, improved mining sector output and international goodwill are set to spur growth in the domestic economy next year, according to apex bank.

The central bank said in collaboration with government attention is being placed on addressing the subdued productivity and low competitiveness through the structural reforms.

RBZ deputy director in charge of economic research Mr Samuel Tarinda told experts in climate finance and green debt attending the Green Investment Round-Table in Victoria Falls that economic growth rate of plus 4 percent is achievable in 2018.

The country‚Äôs central bank is confident that the challenges and uncertainties associated with the election year will be short-lived and resolved, with minimal impact on the domestic economy. 

According to Treasury, economic growth in 2018 will largely depend on normal rainfall patterns, scaling up of funding for agriculture, improved investment inflows, implementation of special economic zones and the ability of the government to ensure fiscal discipline.