By Abigirl Tembo ZBC Reporter

When most people hear the word Rastafari they think of men with dreadlocks, smoking marijuana sitting by the roadside or listening to reggae music.

In fact Rastafari is a very serious philosophy that takes much direction from the Bible.

While some people claim to be Rastafari as an excuse to take drugs there are many true believers and the public conception of the Rastafari movement is often inaccurate.

From Friday to Sunday many religious organisations converge at different places to worship God, and just like Christians where we have Methodists, Catholics, the Apostolic sect etc.. the Rastafarians also have different denominations and at Gomo Remureza there’s the Nyabhingi House.

It is Saturday, a Sabbath day and taking a verse from Matthew 18:20… “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I in the midst of them”.

Some members of the mansion of Nyabhingi are already having a praise and worship session.

This news crew follows the reggae drumbeat all the way to the sacred shrine only to be given a head wrap and a zambia in order to enter the sacred place of worship minus the shoes of course.

Well when in Rome you do as the Romans do.

The Rastafari Movement began in Jamaica, the movement took as its spiritual leader Haile Selassie I, former Emperor of Ethiopia.

To the rastas, Haile Selassie became Jah, or God incarnate, who would one day lead the people of African origin to the Promised Land.

According to High Priest Alexander Munyukwi, Rastafari takes much direction from the Bible with the core values being love, peace and unity.

Some people are attracted to the idea of Rastafari because it means they have a religious excuse to smoke marijuana but according to Elder Blessing Tirivanhu, ganja is not central to their faith, in-fact it is optional.

Rastafari have a specific diet called ital where they eat natural foods which they say is good for the body.

According to High Priest Munyukwi not everyone that has dreadlocks is a Rastafari.

Rasta is a way of life guided by love and peace so with or without the locks, you can be a rasta.

Rastafari is a way of life based on 3 principles love, peace and unity.

In this religion women are treated as equal and many women would love being part of this religion and being referred to as ‘Queen or Empress’.