python.jpg1.jpg2.jpgResidents of Mnandi Farm, 25 km south of Harare were treated to a rare and hair-rising encounter when a python swallowed two young goats. The incident attracted speculation as to what this means as far as traditional myths surrounding pythons go.

According to Mnandi Farm residents, the colorful python entered a goat pen at the farm at night.


With all the goats enclosed in the pen, the snake, known for its hunting instincts, closed in on two kids which it swallowed.


ZBC News arrived at the farm after the young goats had been swallowed and found the python lying in one corner of the pen. Mnandi Farm resident, Joe Chikande, could not hide his fear as he related how the python underwent an amazing size transformation after swallowing the kids.

As National Parks and Wildlife staff arrived to take away the python whose weight was approximated 35 kilogrammes after swallowing the kids, onlookers were treated to a movie style capture scene and could not resist touching the mighty reptile after its capture.


python.jpgEven as Parks and Wildlife staff lectured them on what to do if they encounter another python in future, words of wisdom also flowed from an elderly Shame Madyagauta, a manager at Mnandi Farm, who said the snake is sacred and is a sign of good omen.

The word ‘python’ comes from the Greek language, it denotes a genus of large non-venomous snakes found in Africa, Asia and Australia.


Currently, 17 species are recognised worldwide and Zimbabwe boasts an array of these rare snakes.

While pythons have been targets of heavy poaching, the country’s laws are ever strict and anybody convicted of killing one faces a US$1000 fine.