A rare deformity continues to nag the Kembo family of Nyanga, resulting in five of the eight members crawling on both hands and legs.

The family’s survival is now at the mercy of a nearby school.

It is a rare occurrence that many around Nyanga residence, including the family itself, cannot really explain how it all began.

What started as a deformity on Gogo Ronica Kembo has now spread to four of her children forcing, five of the eight member family to crawl on both hands and legs.

Cracked hands and feet is the sight that confronts one when he/she comes in contact with the Kembo family whose life has now been at the mercy of a local school.

Students and teachers from Emmanuel High School have provided a Samaritan hand, ploughing the fields for the family and when possible, providing them with foodstuffs.

Three of the children are still school going and only one has been adopted by one of the teachers from the nearest school.

The other two cannot make the long trip of about 6-7km crawling to get to school.

Whether the explanation given by Mrs Kembo on the cause of the so called curse holds water or not, the debate is best left to the great minds of traditional and scientific gurus to explain.

For now, what is important is that the Kembo family needs attention in terms of wheelchairs and food, among other things.