seed.jpgThe rains being experienced in some parts of the country have triggered an input rush, amid calls by farmers for the government to expedite the implementation of the Agricultural Subsidised Inputs Scheme to cushion growers from high prices being charged at seed and fertiliser outlets.


With the rains just around the corner, the bulk of farmers are still battling to secure inputs to kickstart the 2011-2012 summer cropping season.

A survey conducted by ZBC News at inputs outlets in Harare, showed that most farmers could not afford to buy seed and fertilisers which they say are pegged far beyond their reach.

With a 10kg bag of seed ranging between $18 and $19, farmers who appealed to government to speed up the process of subsidised inputs, said their plight was worsened by the failure by GMB to pay them their dues.

The call by farmers for government to expedite the subsidised scheme comes in the face of the Minister of Finance whom they accused of given them empty promises all at the time.

Observers feel that Mr. Biti should stop playing political games with agriculture funds at the expense of the genuine farmers who are keen to produce the strategic staple maize to enhance food security in the country.