heavy-rainfall.jpgThe Meteorological Services Department says the country is expected to receive sporadic rains beginning this Monday.

According to the Meteorological Services Department, the country which has been experiencing heat waves will receive rains beginning this Monday while it is expected to evenly spread during the week.

While most farmers were beginning to panic over the late beginning of the rainy season, the Chief Meteorological Officer, Mr Tich Zinyemba says due to the shifting of the seasons, the country normally begins to receive rains mid November.

He noted that the hot spell affecting most parts of the country will not change the forecast of a normal rainy season.

Responding to a myth that every 10 years the country experiences droughts as demonstrated by the period 1972,1982,1992 and 2002.

Mr Zinyemba said this can be best explained as climate variability.

In its seasonal forecast, the Meteorological Services Department said in the first half of the season, some areas were expecting normal with a bias towards below normal.

Region 1 consists of areas in Mashonaland Provinces, Harare, North Eastern parts of Manicaland Province.

Given the expected normal to below normal rains for the whole country in the first half of the season, experts say the chances of having a late start to the season are high.