clouds 25-08-10.jpgRainfall predictions for the October 2010 to March 2011 season will be released by the end of this week, according to SADC climate experts who are gathered in Harare to assess and study rainfall signals.


The experts who have been in the capital since last week say for the past 10 days they have been going through an intensive process of assessing and studying the various signals that are being sent from the oceans.

SADC Drought Monitoring Centre Coordinator, Mr Brad Garan’anga said the experts have concluded the 1st phase of their session and will for the next few days open the forum to other stakeholders who will highlight challenges that were faced in the previous season.

“We can safely say that experts are at an advanced stage of going through the signals the are being sent. We are certain that by Friday we are producing the predictions,” said Mr Garan’anga.

Mr Garan’anga said in as much as experts are trying to unravel every single signal that contribute to the prediction process, people should appreciate and understand that climate can change at any given time and their predictions will only provide guidelines on the outlook of the season.

Proper interpretation of seasonal climate forecasts and their application across various socio-economic decision making processes still remain a challenge in the region.


The Sothern Africa Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF) process is continuing to transform into an effective and reliable source for climate information and prediction services in order to fully exploit their potential for enhancing multi-sectoral social and economic development.