clouds 25-08-10.jpgThe Meteorological department predicts that the first rains to hit the ground this season are expected anytime after the next two weeks.

Revealing mini dates and short term rainfall focusts using climatology from the past, the Head of rainfall section, Mr Tirivanhu Muhwati said the country might receive rains commonly known as Gukurahundi before the end of this month.

“These rains are a result of a clash or meeting of the cold fronts and westerly cloud bands from South Africa which normally move from west to east,” said Mr Muhwati.

Mr Muhwati said looking at rainfall patterns and the El Nino phenomenon, research has revealed a positive phase that indicates that there will be good rains translating to a fairly good season of normal to above normal rainfall.

Though the country has experienced a lot of changes in rainfall patterns due to climate changes and global warming, effective rains are expected from the 15th to the 20th of November which farmers without irrigation can take advantage of.