reggae festival.jpgThe local reggae industry is set to hold its first ever 24-hour reggae festival this Saturday at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare with 52 artists expected to share the stage.

Coordinator of the extravaganza, Webster Makonheni of the Reggae Association of Zimbabwe, said reggae lovers are in for a great show as the final line up of artists has been confirmed adding that final touches are now being put in place.

Dancehall artist, Andrew ‘Mr Green’ Gijima, who is one of the artists billed to perform at the reggae fair, said the initiative by the Reggae Association of Zimbabwe is a welcome move for the genre’s artists as most are ghetto youths whose music reflects daily life but have not been given the opportunity to shine.

Another artist, Gaanwid hailed the festival as a platform for local reggae artists to showcase their talent as they have mostly been limited to curtain-raisers for big names.

The Zim Reggae Sumfest is borrowed from Jamaica’s biggest reggae showcase, the Reggae Sumfest held every year pitting established and upcoming artists over a week long period.

Today, reggae music continues to be one of the most popular musical genres appreciated by a wide range of listeners throughout the world and its theme is embedded in black history, black pride and the emancipation of the black people.