The excessive heat experienced over the weekend did not deter hundreds of Radio Zimbabwe listeners from attending a road show at Hama business centre in Chirumanzu.

Tthe road show was held in conjunction with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

Some walked for over 5 km in the scorching heat to get to Hama business centre for an opportunity to meet their radio personalities, let alone know their rights when it comes to telecommunications. 

For some, it was a great platform to showcase their dancing skills.

An economist with POTRAZ, Mr Talent Munyaradzi said they realised that there was need to host the roadshow to inform the community on their rights and dangers of abusing the internet particularly for the teenagers.

The crowd got an opportunity to ask the POTRAZ officials on issues concerning the various service providers.

One of the major issues that continue to affect rural communities is lack of network coverage in some areas.