Corporate organisations have given a thumbs up to Radio Zimbabwe’s popular live shows in various parts of the country, saying they have given the business community an opportunity for direct marketing at show venues.

Business executives said the live shows concept embraced by Radio Zimbabwe, especially outside the metropolitan cities and towns, have afforded the business sector a chance for a direct contact with the market.

They said instead of having to rely on various forms of media to advertise their services and products, they are finding it convenient to meet their targeted market in a friendly and informal way during fun days organised by the radio station.

There is also the feeling that most of the audience captured by Radio Zimbabwe through the live outreach shows are in areas where social media has not yet penetrated effectively, making direct contact with the market a necessity.

Several organisations partnered Radio Zimbabwe during the station’s outreach show at Dugane farm in Hurungwe yesterday.

Radio Zimbabwe Station Manager, Mr Albert Chekayi said the live outreach shows have unlocked tremendous value for the station.

The recent live show at in Hurungwe drew a capacity crowd, which filled the farm’s sports grounds.

The crowd at Dugane Farm, which is owned by Mr Hitshman Matemera, was probably Radio Zimbabwe’s largest ever since the station started embarking on the shows last year.