africa-map.jpgAfrican governments have been challenged to accelerate the pace of implementation of the Millennium Development Goals as the 2015 target approaches.


While most countries on the African continent have moved close to attaining some of the millennium development goals (MDGs) such as combating HIV and AIDS, malaria and other diseases and achieving universal primary education, eradicating extreme hunger and poverty has been a major challenge due to unemployment.
Speaking at a roundtable discussion on the MDGs, United Nations Millennium Campaign Deputy Director for Africa Mr. Charles Abugre said the continent should put more effort in attaining MDGs especially employment creation.


UN Millennium campaign Policy Analyst Mr. Thomas Deve challenged the media and civil society to play a greater role and create more awareness on the MDGs.


The Millennium Development Goals were initiated to help countries overcome the devastating effects of economic structural adjustment programs of the early 90s and to end poverty.