A Chinhoyi based former push cart operator has written a piece of history for himself by becoming a taxi operator.

The 29 year old Jacob Kayavhu, who is better known in chinhoyi as Diaspora Logistics, started off as a push cart operator, owning five carts at some point, and would travel miles carrying students’ baggage from the Chinhoyi University of Technology to various destinations in Chinhoyi.

However today, through sheer hard work, Diaspora Logistics has traded the push cart for the steering wheel.

He has remained with one pushcart, not because his empire is crumbling, but because his fortunes have changed for the better.

He is now a taxi operator, with two vehicles, a Toyota Corolla and a Nissan Sunny.

Diaspora Logistics has endeared himself so well with students from the local university, whom he offers free one way rides on Tuesdays when the learners troop to town to buy pizza on promotional prices. 

He now plans to buy a 3 tonne truck by year end.