The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce public hearings on the crucial Consumer Protection Bill which were concluded this Friday were punctuated by indifference as consumers shunned the hearings citing, among other things, that their contributions seldom find their way into the final act.

Despite its importance, the long-awaited bill which seeks to safeguard consumers who for years have endured the indifferent manner in which they are treated by businesses without any legal recourse, the public shunned the public hearings.

Not that they do not have anything to contribute to the bill, but past experience has proved that often, their input rarely finds its way into the bills.

Most contributors at the public hearing held in the capital today to wrap up a countrywide tour to solicit public input into the bill say they feel contributing to the bills is a waste of time.

Acknowledging that there was indifference at the public hearings, the Chairperson of the committee Honourable Joshua Sacco says the input from the public was valuable, promising that it will be included in the final presentation the committee will make to parliament.

Most of the consumers were aggrieved by medical aid societies for fleecing them because they are required to pay for services at health institutions and pharmacies despite subscribing to the facility.

Others highlighted the need to enforce quality standards on goods they buy from shops.