Deregistration of Separate Trades, Branches or Divisions for Value Added Tax (VAT) Purposes

Please be advised that the VAT registration of separate trades, branches or divisions falling under the same organisation will be discontinued with effect from 1st January 2010. This is in terms of Section 27 of the Finance (No.3) Bill, 2009.

For registered operators affected by this change, the last VAT Return as a separate registered trade, branch or division will be for the tax period ending 31st December 2009. The VAT Return, together with any VAT payments due, shall be submitted on or before 10th January 2010. The certificates of VAT registration issued to such trades, branches or divisions should be returned to ZIMRA by 31st January 2009 upon the finalisation of all relevant matters pertaining to VAT registration.

In terms of Section 51 of the VAT Act [Chapter 23:12], a registered operator who had initially applied for separate registration (main branch) is charged with the responsibility of accounting for all VAT due and fulfilling all VAT requirements in relation to all its separately registered trades, branches or divisions. All liabilities not fulfilled by the de-registered trades, branches or divisions shall revert to the main branch in terms of subsection 5 of Section 51 of the same Act.