Stakeholders in the transport industry have begun public hearings on the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund that shall pave way for crafting of legislation for setting up of the fund in line with international best practices.

The proposed fund will be used to pay for ambulance and hospital services to ensure that everyone involved in an accident is attended to quickly despite the absence of medical aid insurance.

The Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Engineer Michael Madanha, who officiated at the public hearings, said the government is pinning hopes on the fund as it seeks to reduce accident related deaths.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Mr Munesushe Munodawafa said the government is proposing to get the funding through charging more on fuel as a way to ensure that every motorist contributes towards the fund.

Some of the stakeholders who attended the public hearings called for a speedy process in setting up the fund, while calling on the government to cut down on red tape in accessing the fund once it is set up.

The setting up of the fund could bring a huge relief to accident survivors through timely medical interventions and compensation for relatives of people who perish in accidents.