traffic safety1.jpgWith the nation still mourning victims of the Selous accidents where 19 people perished, the public has called on the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe to adequately educate transport operators and commuters on safety issues so as to avert the rampant occurrence of road traffic accidents.

Following the Mandaza and Musanhi Selous road accidents, the role of the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe has been put under the spotlight. Members of the public who reckon that the number of fatal road accidents occurring on the country’s roads is too high, blamed the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe for failing to properly educate road users and transport operators on safety issues.

However the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe says it has done its part with the council’s Director Operations Research and Marketing Mr. Proctor Utete putting the blame squarely on transport operators who allow unroadworthy vehicles to go on the roads and drivers who speed.
 “We as the traffic safety council do not work alone……programs are ongoing and we have pamphlets for passengers as well on their rights …”said Mr Utete.


The Mandaza-Musanhi accidents which occurred at Selous on Sunday claimed 19 lives and left dozens others injured.