guns.jpgA cross section of the public in Harare has been left shell shocked following a horrific incident in which an immigration official Lovemore Chigariro shot and injured a housemaid and gruesomely murdered his wife before killing himself. They have called for stringent laws which regulate the licensing of firearms as precious lives are being lost.

Most people interviewed said there is need for relevant authorities to revise laws governing the possession of firearms as the current legislation appear to be ineffective.


Others queried the acquittal of Chigariro on charges of pointing a fire arm at his wife arguing that the mere reason that he threatened his wife with a gun was enough evidence that he was a potential murderer.


“There was no reason for the courts to acquit the man whom they saw he was capable of murder. How can a man point a gun at his wife? There is need to solve disputes amicably,” one person said.


A local pastor Vitalis Makarichi said there is need for Zimbabweans to value human life and turn to God  in all troubles and frustrations so that they can get spiritual counseling.

Meanwhile police say they are investigating the source of the gun which was used in the grizzly murder as they have established that the Chigariro’s gun which had been confisticated by the courts has not been handed back to him.


Lovemore Chigariro of Msasa Park in Harare killed himself on Monday night after fatally shooting his wife Ruth Chigariro. He had also shot and injured an 18 year old housemaid Maud Billiard who is battling for life at a Harare hospital.