Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) Secretary General Raymond Majongwe has heaped praises on the new establishment for ensuring the existence of the rule of law and requested an audience with President Emmerson Mnangagwa for teachers’ grievances to be addressed.

Addressing delegates during the official opening of a Bulawayo branch by his union, Mr Majongwe who is a famed government critic could not hide his admiration for the new dispensation’s way of upholding the law.

“We want to meet the President and tell him our problems. I am happy to say Mnangagwa seem to respect the rule of law maybe it’s because he is a lawyer but what i know is after my address i will go back to Harare without being interrogated by the police. What we are crying for is to be included in the 1.2 million houses promised by government. In fact we don’t want handouts but we want the land so we can build our own houses,” he said.

PTUZ president Dr Takavafira Zhou said there is need for teachers to have an autonomous professional council that handles the practitioners’ grievances outside the parent ministry.

“If we are to preserve the integrity of this profession we definitely need a teachers’ professional council that is not housed within the ministry. The lawyers and doctors have theirs and surely we can stand as a sector,” said Dr Zhou.

Officiating at the event, acting bulawayo provincial education director Mrs Olicah Kaira urged teachers’ representative bodies to assist government in ensuring that teachers embrace the improved education curriculum.

“The improved curriculum is here to stay and what is needed right now is for all teachers to embrace it and make sure that it becomes a huge success,” she said.

The upgraded education curriculum which came into effect last year has received some backlash with the new establishment scrapping some of the provisions of the syllabi to lessen the burden on teachers and students.