octopus.jpgPsychic forecasts from the animal kingdom have taken centre stage as the final of the 19th edition of the World Cup pitting Spain and Netherlands beckons in Johannesburg.


As the football world waits with bated breath for the FIFA World Cup final when Spain and Netherlands clash, the gambling mafia is busy taking bets on whose prediction will prove to be right – Paul the octopus, Harry the crocodile or Mani the parrot.

Germany’s oracle octopus, Paul, picked Spain to beat the Netherlands in the World Cup final in a live television broadcast watched across Europe.


The 2-year-old celebrity octopus, who has accurately picked the outcome of all six of Germany’s World Cup matches so far, quickly tipped Spain to beat the Netherlands. It took him only three minutes to make up his mind. 

Meanwhile, the predictions were levelled off on Friday, with one for each finalist when Mani the parakeet or parrot predicted that the Netherlands would win their maiden World Cup title.

 Mani has stumped logic and football pundits by correctly picking out the four semi-finalists. Mani became a celebrity when he correctly predicted the outcome of the quarterfinal ties as well as the semi-finals. Among the predictions, the most contentious and jaw-dropping was when he picked Netherlands to beat Brazil.

parrot.jpgMani’s credibility however came under scrutiny when he predicted a Uruguay-Spain final with Spain emerging victorious but the Netherlands proved him wrong by beating the South Americans 3-2.

Mani has since reassessed his options and has now bet on Netherlands winning.


A Malaysian fortune-telling parakeet has joined Paul the Octopuses’ prediction bandwagon in forecasting Spain’s victory in the World Cup final.

Meena Kutti, an 8-year-old green parakeet, usually predicts customers’ fortunes in business and life, but recently punters have asked her for match tips.  When asked about the World Cup winner, Meena Kutti immediately chose a tiny envelope stating “La Furia Roja” or the Red Fury.

Meena’s owner said the Parakeet is one of a kind and is always accurate in her predictions.

Harry, a 700-kg crocodile living in a Darwin crocodile park on Saturday also backed Paul the octopus in picking Spain to win the World Cup.

The crocodile took less than a minute to decide and launch itself out of the water to eat a chicken dangling under a Spanish flag rather than one hanging from a Dutch flag.

crocodile dd.jpgHaving made their predictions, the octopus, parrot and crocodile will however get no chance to watch the exciting final which will see Spain and the Netherlands going all out for a maiden World Cup title.

Spain and the Netherlands have met just four times in the past. The Netherlands dominated these encounters, claiming three wins to one for Spain.

Two of these clashes took place in the last decade, with the Netherlands winning both.

The most recent meeting between Spain and the Netherlands took place in a 2002 friendly, and produced a 1-0 win for the Netherlands.