Analysts have hailed ZIFA’s stance to regularise coaches’ qualifications for the current season going forward and those of the medical staff but the local football governing body has been urged to ensure other club licensing requirements are also adhered to.

Many of Zimbabwe’s topflight clubs are yet to meet club licensing requirements resulting in football struggling to catch up with standards prevailing across the globe.

On Monday, ZIFA said it will not be shifting from its stance of regularising coaching qualifications with anyone intending to sit on the bench as a coach requiring CAF A qualification.

Medical staff will also be required to be qualified.

Former PSL chairman Chris Sambo says ZIFA’s stance is noble but emphasized the need for other licensing requirements to be met.

Sports analyst Liberty Maidza says the absence of professionalism has greatly affected not only Zimbabwean football as basics such as infrastructure and junior development structures are non-existent.

Zimbabwe’s topflight league boasts of big institutions but sadly very few have met licensing requirements which include possessing their own training facilities, having offices and comprehensive administrative structures.

In Europe, such structures are basic requirements with top clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea having transformed into multi- million dollar entities, while closer to home, most South African clubs boast of having met club licensing requirements.