The late provincial hero, Cde Hubert Masara, who died on 11 July has been buried at the Manicaland Provincial Heroes Acre this Sunday.

Born on 23 March 1943, Cde Masara, who was a prominent businessman in the transport sector, succumbed to diabetes at Murambi Gardens Hospital in Mutare.

Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba described Cde Masara’s death as a huge loss to the province and the country as a whole, as his untimely death came at a time when Zanu PF is taking practical measures to turn around the fortunes of the economy.

“During this period of the wave of nationalism, he worked with freedom fighters rendering financial assistance. When the Chimurenga war was at its peak, he used to transport freedom fighters in support of the liberation armed struggle. He continued with his good works by supporting the party financially,” she said.

His daughter, Patience Masara Ndhlovu, also weighed in, saying the death of her father has robbed them of a strong and bold character who was determined to see the country prosper.

“He was a very embracing man who had strong work ethics and loved people who worked hard,” said Mrs Ndhlovu.

Cde Masara made tremendous financial contributions during the liberation struggle to help the freedom fighters and continued supporting government initiatives to turn around the economy until the time of his death.

He survived by his wife, Priscilla Mashiri, five children and several grandchildren.