british police-in-riot-gear-.jpgThe British capital, London, has seen a second night of protests on Sunday amid security measures taken by police with dozens of riot police lining up in the city.

The second night of widespread protests saw hundreds of demonstrators pouring into the streets in several areas protesting against the shooting of a 29-year-old black man, Mark Duggan.

Reports say that the riots broke out in Enfield, a neighbourhood made up of mainly deprived groups of African and Caribbean descent, whose freedoms of association and worship were threatened.

Riot police were deployed in different areas of London like Enfield, where hundreds of protestors, mostly teenagers, appeared to show their anger at the shooting of Duggan.

Hundreds of riot police arrived in vans with dogs and tried to disperse the demonstrators charging at them with batonsticks in an aggressive way.

The British government led by David Cameron has come under fire for its brutal tactics of suppressing the protest.

This has exposed their double standards and hypocrisy on human rights and equality.

Analysts have said that Britain and her allies are quick to criticise developing countries on issues of human rights and racial discrimination and it remains to be seen whether the British authorities will intervene to ensure justice is done on the affected marginalised community.

It has also been noted that they are the same elements who have incited violent protests in African nations such as Libya, Tunisia and Egypt yet they descend heavily on anyone who challenges their autocratic systems in their own countries.