wetlands 31-01-11.jpgCommunities in Centenary have been urged to remain resolute in protecting wetlands for the benefit of future generations who also need those natural creations.

Chipiri Wetlands in Centenary stand out as a good example of wetlands preservation mechanisms by the community considering that in most areas wetlands have been turned into homestead areas and farms.

Chipiri Wetlands has stood the test of time as villagers have actively participated in the preservation of the area with stakeholders planting trees as they belatedly commemorate World Wetlands Day.

Provincial administrator Mr Cosmas Chiringa urged villagers to continuously strive to preserve wetlands for future generations, adding that they play an important role in climate change.

Zimbabwe is fast running out of wetlands, especially in towns and cities as they have been turned into shopping malls or residential areas, hence increased climate change being witnessed in recent years.