prophet back.jpgRenowned Spirit Embassy leader, Prophet Uebert Angel, who has relocated to Zimbabwe from the United Kingdom, has dismissed claims by some sections of society that his prophecies and miracles are stage-managed or founded on some hidden ungodly spirits.

Responding to concerns raised by some sections of society and members of some conservative churches who shared pessimism on the new breed of rising prophets and their healing strength, Prophet Angel said the miracles he performs are a clear demonstration of the power of God.

“I use the power of the Holy Spirit to help the needy and critics of his work are just doubting Thomases and are free to make their own assessments,” Prophet Angel said.

Prophet Angel, who was ministering at an Intimacy Conference held in Harare, urged women to create an intimate relationship with God so that they uplift both their social and spiritual lives.

Angel has relocated from the United Kingdom to his home country Zimbabwe to continue with his ministry.