The race to win the electorate saw various opposition political parties selling their position which agreed that the informal sector should be given a proper place in a future Zimbabwean economy.

Stakeholders from the informal sector among them vendors and cross border traders met various political parties who included MDC T, MDC Alliance, Zapu, Build Zimbabwe Alliance as well as independent candidates for an interaction at the Harare gardens which was moderated by former Mavambo aspiring president Simba Makoni.

The opposition political parties agreed the informal sector should be given due recognition through allocation of trading space, health facilities, extension of affordable lines of credit and economic opportunities as each took to the stage to present what their parties had to offer for the sector.

National president of the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations and president of Streetnet International, Ms Lorraine Sibanda said it is mandatory for government to implement ILO legislation 204 which explains what member countries should do to regularise and grow the informal sector.

Zapu spokesperson Musatye Mupanguri said if elected his party representative will ensure favourable operation places and support vendors.

An independent candidate Kudzai Mubaiwa also added her voice in supporting vendor operations saying a balance must be struck between vendors and established businesses that pay council taxes for their space.

Dr Noah Manyika another candidate also explained his views while Jacob Mafume of MDC Chamisa and Linda Masarira of the MDC T spoke on the subject.

The informal sector has helped the Zimbabwean economy to stay afloat for nearly two decades following the closure of most industries and is a source of employment for an estimated 60 percent of Zimbabweans today.

Such town hall meetings have also been held in Masvingo, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru and Harare was last.