Economic shortcomings especially on administrative and legislative components are major hazards that if left unchecked will hinder investment inflows that the country requires at the moment.

Despite the country having the adaptive capacity to attract investment especially under the new theme that ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’, experts have noted that there is need for the nation to walk the talk on putting administrative structures and legal frameworks that supports this investment drive.

Several challenges have been noted to be turning off investors including poor infrastructure with regards to roads, dilapidated railway system, poor water reticulation and sanitation, low power generation and erratic supplies.

Another critical area that is lagging behind is the cost of doing business in Zimbabwe which remains on the high side despite the marginal achievements said Special Economic Zones chairperson Dr Gideon Gono.

Key economic enablers within the economy have had limited support mainly on the ease of doing business hence it scares away investors notes economic analyst Mr Tonderayi Mukubvu

The continued use of the multi currency regime has contributed immensely to the hindrance of meaningful investment as overpricing of services and products remain prevalent making them uncompetitive regionally and internationally.

Harsh taxation laws and undefined regulatory frameworks are some of the challenges highlighted as needing redress.