sizzla artist.jpgProminent Jamaican artist Sizzla whose real name is Miguel Orlando Collins has arrived in Harare ahead of the 21st February movement gala to be held in Bulawayo.

The reggae guru, Sizzla Kalonji , who is billed to perform at the prestigious 21st February Movement gala to be held in Bulawayo received a hearty welcome by local fans with shouts and screams expressing their joy at seeing the artist.


In his welcome remarks the Minister of Information and Publicity Cde Webster Shamu thanked the artist for his visit, dedication and fight for black emancipation which is the gospel which Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe is known for preaching across the continent and beyond.


The Jamaican artist praised Cde Mugabe for remaining firm in resisting efforts by the west to dictate domestic and foreign policy of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.


Sizzla also praised Cde Mugabe for championing the principles of liberty, peace and unity which is also the message in artist’s music.

Meanwhile, the organiser of the 21st February Movement gala Retired Major Anyway Mutambudzi said the coming of Sizzla Kalonji who will share the stage with other international and local musicians will make the event a special and historical one.

Some fans who welcomed the musician hailed President Mugabe for his great leadership and fight for black emancipation.


Other than preaching the gospel of black emancipation the reggae maestro is known for promoting rastafarian values and his resentment of homosexuality which has handed him a travel ban by western nations especially in United States and United Kingdom.


Meanwhile, Namibian group Ndilimani and South African artist Mzwake Mbuli will no longer be performing at the gala but, the Soul Brothers and Beaux Gosses from the DRC will perform, alongside Sizzla, giving an international flair to the musical extravaganza.